Farming is Feminist: A Q&A with “The Color of Food” Author, Natasha Bowens

tumblr_nctvs6Sszq1spgxpso1_r1_500The majority of women who farm our land are people of color, but when Natasha Bowens began her work as a food sovereignty activist — and began farming herself as a “young brown female” in the late 2000s — she realized that the people leading (if not controlling) the food movement looked nothing like the people working on the ground. Food activists and farmers of color — many young women, both living in cities and the countryside — were washed away from the surface.

In response, Bowens started Brown.Girl.Farming, a blog dedicated to documenting her own journey as an urban farmer. Soon after, she launched the multimedia project, Color of Food, which examines racial, economic and gender-related disparities within the food justice movement, while featuring the stories of Black, Latino, Indigenous and Asian farmers and food activists from across the country. This April, Bowens’ commitment to amplifying these stories will be released as a book, The Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resilience and Farmingon New Society Press.

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