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Stigma Drives Workplace Discrimination Against Workers Living With HIV

Cardell says her termination is a case of deliberate workplace discrimination based on her HIV-positive status. Such discrimination is a pervasive issue for the more than 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States, occurring since the earliest days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, says Catherine Hanssens, executive director of the Center for HIV … Continue reading

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Victim’s lawyer hopeful that federal investigations will force UNC to stop persecuting sexual assault victims

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill faces yet another U.S. Department of Education investigation — this time over allegations that the university retaliated against sophomore Landen Gambill for filing a federal complaint against UNC-Chapel Hill over its handling of sexual assault cases, reports the News & Observer. The new federal inquiry is in response to … Continue reading

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Q&A with Hannah Giorgis, creator of #WhyIDidntReport

What’s on Deck: ​ #WhyIDidntReport, a Twitter hashtag launched ​in April ​by Hannah ​Giorgis— ​a 23-year-old Black feminist writer and organizer from New York​—with accompanying Tumblr account created for survivors uncomfortable with sharing on Twitter who want to share their stories anonymously; #WhyIDidntReport curates tweets from survivors expressing why they chose not or were unable to report their … Continue reading

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Is Long-Term Care Now Out of Reach for Single Women?

Writer’s Note: This article was originally written for consideration of publication on a major media site in early March. That didn’t pan out, nor did it garner interest from other publications within the last couple of months. Therefore, I am posting it to my site because long-term care access and affordability is an issue faced (and will be … Continue reading

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Courts Protect Consumers in IP Address Cases

Consider this scenario: you receive a notice from your Internet service provider about a subpoena seeking your identity. According to the letter, a company claims your account’s Internet protocol (or IP) address is involved with unlawfully obtained content from a file-sharing site, and they want to sue you for copyright infringement. Between 2010 and 2011 … Continue reading