The Kids The Club: An indie pop compilation

There’s that old adage – the one that music snobs of the 90s love to tell the new generation of aficionados with a wag of a finger – “this is not your brother’s Indie.” And that may be definitely true of the Kids At the Club compilation from How Does it Feel to Be Loved? records. Unlike the hard roughage of our indie fore-fathers, Kids… is an overstuffed goodie bag of starry pop numbers and dance curves that is a blend of pillowy soft voices, simple keyboard slits, twisted tamborines and excitable guitar work.  
But behind the haze of dusty garages that have sheltered the new indie underground, Kids… runs from the watered down sugar  of Voxtrot’s “The Start of Something” to the quiet femme fatale angst of Tender Traps’s “Ampersand” with speed. And – with the expectation of  “Black Minds, White Lines” by Swedish playmates the Salty Pirates – the low tones and breathy of this love fest compilation make for an easy, smooth listen. 


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