Charley Turner: Taipei Personality

Taipei Personality - Indie Music Review Enlisting the help of Danny Deigan and Curt Kroeger, whose credits include defunt pop-punk outfit No Doubt, Don Henley of the Eagles, and R&B crooner/producer Babyface, for his newest EP release Taipei Personality, independent musician Charley Turner works hard at churning out emblematic pop rock that’s radio-friendly at its finest. Each track on the album is ready to be the next “hit single,” the next “big thing,” with their sweet guitar licks, smooth bass lines, gentle vocals that have a little bit of gruff just to show a little bit of muted sexiness, and exultant drum beats that are utterly effortless – just take a listen to “East of Eden,” “Better Soon,” and “Losing Again.” It’s a Dave Matthews-meets-Matt Nathanson “sweet-songwriter-who’s-rough-around-the-edges” college rock motif that will help him “become huge” if Aware Records or Columbia Records would just sign him already.


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