Joshua Path: Headlight In The Sun

Headlight In The Sun - Indie Music Review A seasoned musician based in Los Angeles, CA, Joshua Path offers two things on his fifth effort Headlight in the Sun: musical arrangements you’ve heard before and desperate attempts to sound like nothing you’ve heard before.

While others may be drooling over his brassiness and vulnerability, it’s hard to get over the fact his music is fitted for television – in fact, you could hear him crooning over scenes in “One Tree Hill” and Dennis Leary’s “Rescue Me.” But like so many other singer-songwriters living with this affliction, Path performs melodies that are safe, defined, and acoustically restricted. On peddle-heavy “It Was Over Before it Began” and “Eastern Town,” he drops his voice to an reverberating murmur – an anti-climatic pitch that is meant to radiate worldliness and a move perfected by the late Elliot Smith. The only worthy track on Headlight in the Sun is “Devil at my Door,” where Path takes approximately two minutes to tell us how much he loves cavernous rock a la Queens of the Stone Age – abrasive vocals, wild guitar and drum interplay, and a piercing riff. But not even the awesomeness of “Devil at my Door” can help save the farce that is Headlight in the Sun.


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