Soapbox Soldier: My Dear, Where Do We Begin

On their debut album, My Dear, Where Do We Begin, alt-rockers Soapbox Soldier from Baltimore, MD display signs of earnest riffage that seem to suffer from an identity crisis. On the record’s 11 tracks, distressed vocals are lumped over memorable hooks that are both emotionally driven and emotionally dead. Soapbox Soldier can’t seem to help but see-saw between swift, loud, solid, POWERFUL beats (“Networth,” “Innocent”), and measured, harmonious, sympathetic, WEAK rhythms (“Pick Me, I’ll be Your Number One,” “Face the Fire,” “Worse Excuse”). However, the polar opposites possibly burdening the quartet on My Dear… find a meeting ground in the pleasantly surprising song “Blind,” a piece reflective of emotion-laden pop punk that coalesces the two dissimilar styles into one identifying track. In whole, My Dear, Where Do We Begin is a typical alt-rock/nu-metal effort but doing exceptionally well.


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