Sourtongue: SOURTONGUE’S Mechanically Grown Society

SOURTONGUE'S Mechanically Grown Society - Indie Music Review In a city where hipsters line the streets and nothing but electronic dance beats can be heard blasting from the cellars of brownstones, there’s a prog-rock outfit by the name of Sourtongue changing perceptions.

On their latest release SOURTONGUE’S Mechanically Grown Society, this New York, NY trio, by way of New Orleans, LA, is bent on nostalgia, revisiting the days when psychedelic tune-up and progressive rock standards met for coffee once a minute. We’ve heard the comparisons – Sourtongue resembles the likes Led Zeppelin, Rush, Coheed and Cambria, Mars Volta, maybe a little Black Sabbath – but, while these comparisons can be easily agreeable, there is one thing to say about the band: they bring their own dark energy to the mix.

Just listen to any one of the tracks on SOURTONGUE’S Mechanically Grown Society. Nick Diaz’s vocals are as much thought-provoking as they are high-pitch, neurotic, and hollow (this triple threat accompanies his high-strung wails with equally high-strung guitars and keyboards). Brian DeBate’s drums slide anywhere from sullen and gentle to ferocious and arduous. And Alexander Hayes’ bass lines are sometimes hidden and other times forcefully deep. Whether you like prog-rock or not – it’s one of those genres that is an acquired taste – there is no denying that Sourtongue is full of vigor.


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