T13C - Indie Music Review Remember the first season NBC’s “America’s Got Talent?” The television variety show that promised to find the “next big thing” but instead produced nothing of the sorts? The hour-long spectacle where David “the Hoff” Hasselhoff sang his god-awful and cheesy single “Get In My Car?” The program where Leonid the Magnificent was absolutely magnificent?

Well, if you do, you’ll also remember the scrappy young pop-punk quintet T13C playing their hearts out to a thoroughly pleased crowd. So pleased, the Gainesville, FL outfit made their way to the semi-finals. And while they didn’t take home the big prize (can we remember who?), they seem to have gotten further in their musical ventures than the winner has. They’re flushed with a loyal fan following, huge endorsements, a boat load of merchandise, a fresh “look,” and a sassiness that swallows low-profile bands whole.

Their sassiness is to be expected. Their latest EP, T13C, is fixed with blaring synthesizers, wispy vocals, and anthem-powered “oh, oh, oh’s” that are as catchy as they are persistent. Tracks like “From the Stereo,” “The Match, The Flame, The Fire,” and “Engine Down” display a brand of pop-punk that is hopped with emotronic undertones and ska influences, a brand T13C is more than happy and comfortable playing. It’s infectious. It’s bubbly. It’s adorable and it’s no wonder coming-of-age ninth graders can’t help but to flock to them.


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