The Ranting Ravers: Never Too Late?

There is an appeal to music that is created from a variety of influences – a constant melting pop of styles that fashions a crooning monster. Never Too Late by the Ranting Ravers is such that monster.

The tracks on Never Too Late, played by Stephen Douglas, Ike Frasier and friends, are healthy blend of lite rock (“Class Clown”), rhythm and blues (“Never”), reggae (“Archangel”), 60s power pop (“Satisfy Me”), alt-country/folk (“Too Cold”), synthesized crooning (“Coming Apart”), and frisky Hawaiian luau music (“Lying, Crying, Dying”), that will have the baby-boomers, hippies, and Gen X-ers of the world rocking n’ rolling along. It’s nothing deep, or terribly original, but Never Too Late is incredibly fun, even with its tendencies to fall into the bar rock fold. If nothing else, at its core, the Ranting Ravers and Never Too Late cannot be described as anything else but bubblegum pop.


One thought on “The Ranting Ravers: Never Too Late?

  1. I enjoyed you review and thought I would give this CD a shot. Guess what?? I Love It! It is nice to hear a melodic record for a change. Great review for a great CD….
    Thanks for spreading the word,

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