Not An Airplane: I Never Wanted To Believe In Ghosts

In the tradition of mysterious musicians hiding behind alter-egos with anomalous names, singer-songwriter Nick Shattell has released I Never Wanted to Believe in Ghosts under the head-scratching pseudonym Not an Airplane.

Geared towards the 30-something crowd trying to find love and peace and their own minds amongst the crowd of children and marriage and togetherness, I Never Wanted to Believe in Ghosts from this Northern Californian musician would be the ideal soundtrack for any coming-of-age movie featuring an emotionless drifter who accidentally finds love. In other words, suitable for any Zach Braff project (just listen to “Different,” “Less Heavy,” and “Somehow” to know what I mean). And while others may see this as a bad thing, it’s not. There is a certain alluring quality about Not an Airplane – Shattell’s voice is strangely comforting with the gentle plucks of his guitar strings amplifying the quiet irresistibility (just check out the track “Honestly.”) An album that embodies the loneliness of a big city – where there are street lights and corner stores and 24-hour ATMs but your head is stuck in a small town place (“The City That Sleeps”), I Never Wanted to Believe in Ghosts is 11 tracks of acoustic charm.


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