The Sammus Theory: Man without Eyes

Man without Eyes, the debut album by the Sammus Theory, is a heavy-beating record that showcases the band’s talent for intense two-minute instrumentals and shattering harmonies. The mid-tempo track, “Lead Foot,” starts off melodious but turns in a sharp, multi-layered piece when the chorus comes around, repeating the formula on following track, “Answers.”

On Man without Eyes, Sammus’ vocals are abrupt and angry, sometimes distorted, but he showcases his knack for harmonies on “Hole in the Wall.” Brian’s bass lines are chunky and cavernous, and Dan’s drum beats are brutal. But it’s Kyle’s rhythm guitar that brings ach of the 13 tracks to an opulent and complex level.

A cross between Tool’s evolving musical experimentation and Godsmack’s numinous sound, the Sammus Theory’s debut effort Man without Eyes is one of the few developed concept album, despite the comparisons to the aforementioned.


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