The Vacancies: Tantrum

Running full-force, Clevo punk-rock quintet the Vacancies have kicked out the foot-shaking, anthem-laced Tantrum, follow-up to their Blackheart Records debut, A Beat Missing or a Silence Added. A fast-paced, earnest album, Tantrum tends to see-saw between too much and not enough. At one end, tracks like “Hand of Fear,” “Pride,” and “Satyagraha” come off clumsy – the cadenced beats begin to trip over themselves, as if the band’s testing how fast they really can go. At the other end, the Vacancies produce tracks that are considerably slower (i.e. “Believe,” “Shakedown,” and “Funeral”) but could have benefited from their energetic, trail-of-dust approach. “Sick Modern Era” and “Tantrum” seem to sit comfortably in between – two prototypes that marry perfectly the punk ensemble’s penchant for vigor, equanimity, and bug-eyed frolics. In all, Tantrum is an album worth checking out


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