The Warriors: Genuine Sense of Outrage

There is one thing to be said about the Warriors’ third full-length album, Genuine Sense of Outrage: sometimes, your ears just need to be slaughtered.

It’s an album that’s fuming mad, and this metalcore en masse hold no discretions when it comes to punishing your ears. Marshall’s throaty growls are outrageously vicious, while Charlie & Javier slice and dice on their guitar in equal offense. Matt’s drums beats punch you dead in the face, and Danny’s rumbling bass grooves are part chunk, part intensity. It’s a record that has the Warriors successfully blending the anger of hardcore, the rhythm of hip-hop, and the lashing of trash to create a sound that’s beyond rage, and it’s oh so good.

Key tracks to check out: “Ruthless Sweep,” “The Stone Grinds,” “The Price of Punishment,” and “Odium Vice.”


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