Today marks the 10th year anniversary since the death of Ray “Raybeez”, who passed away from viral pneumonia on September 11, 1997 at 35-years-old. Raybeez, born Raymond James Barbieri, was the vocalist and only consistent member of New York hardcore punk band Warzone, and former member of Agnostic Front.

A memorial show, supported by Street Justice Records, All Hip Hop Shop, Full of Hate Records, Indelirium Records, Shake Magazine, Inkside Tattooing,, and Cocal posse, will be held on September 15 at Sabotage Bar in Venice, Italy to mark the tenth anniversary of Raybeez’s death. The tribute will feature performances by Concrete Block (feat. Woptime and Sickhead), Venice hardcore outfit Gonna Fall Hard, and King of the Jungle, and a DJ set by Venice-based label Countdown Records. For more details, click here.

Victory Records posted this statement in remembrance of Raybeez on their site:

“10 years has passed since we all lost Ray “Raybeez” from Warzone. The void he left can never be filled and we will always miss him. Ray was a strong supporter and believer in the worldwide hardcore/punk movements and underground music in general.
‘Always, a friend for life. Don’t forget the struggle, don’t forget Raybeez.'”


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