Fall Out Boy has premiered the new video for their fourth single, “I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You),” off of their latest release, Infinity on High, out now on Island Records.

Fall Out Boy posted the following comment on their web site about the video:

“When you see our video for the first time, please try to think of it outside of the realm of this band, this scene, or music in general. It meant so much more to us to work on it.”

The video, shot on 24p cameras, was filmed in Uganda after Fall Out Boy performed their first show in South Africa. According to a July article on MSNBC’s web site, bassist Pete Wentz said of the video:

“We stumbled upon this organization called Invisible Children and they kind of bring the plight of children to the foreground, like impoverished children around the world but specifically focusing on Uganda, where there is like a crazy situation with child soldiers…We’re actually going over there with Invisible Children and we’re going to shoot our next video for our song ‘Me and You’ over there …and donate the money that we were going to use in the video for the film or the video to a project over there, I think towards a school. I’m not 100% sure…right now, currently, people live in these displacement camps, which are like one square mile big and its just terrible conditions…we wanted to kind of see it first hand because it’s so hard to, like, disengage and actually kind of empathize with people…you can think about it in your head but its easier to do when you’re actually there and can experience it and it is part of the adventure too, so we’re excited to go there.”

For more information on how you can get involved with Invisible Children and their work in Northern Uganda, please go here.

I’m Like a Lawyer (Me & You)



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