Due to an illness in the band, Philadelphia pop-punk act Valencia has dropped off the remaining dates of the School’s for Fools tour. According to the band’s MySpace blog, vocalist Shane Henderson has come down with a case of strep throat and, after visiting with a doctor in Orlando, FL, was advised not to sing for a while, giving himself “some rest to heal.”

Valencia posted this message on their MySpace blog about the cancellation:

“We’re sorry to say that we have to drop of the remaining dates of the School’s for Fools tour…We’ll be back to play the show at the Webster Underground on September 27 for the last night of tour, but at this point it’s best for us to save the remaining cities for when we’ll be back this November with Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, and theAUDITION.We wanted to finish at least the dates we wouldn’t be hitting later this fall, and make sure we don’t shortchange all of our friends in the south, so once we’re done the shows in Florida, we’ll be heading home to rest up so when we make it back to the Midwest this November, everyone in our band will be 100 percent.”

The tour, which also sees Just Surrender, We the Kings, and Metro Station, on the bill, will continue with Just Surrender taking over as headliners for the remaining dates.


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