What We Heart…Roy Lichtenstein Art Blocks

By Annamarya Scaccia

$36-$39, at Absolute Pop, 137 S. 13th St., 215-733-0196, absoluteabstractart.com

We love us some neon Marilyn Monroe T-shirts. But when we really want a pop-art fix, we’re headed to Absolute Pop for Roy Lichtenstein art blocks. A welcome relief from the ubiquitous Warhol Campbell soup cans, Lichtenstein’s works are reprinted on UV-coated paper and placed on 2-inch-deep Masonite boards. Ranging in size from 8 by 8 to 10 by 10 inches, the blocks stay true to the late American artist’s signature style: comic book-inspired panels heavy on primary-color dots, thought bubbles and foxy damsels. Pick up the distressed redhead siren of Ohh … Alright, the teary-eyed brunette of Drowning Girl or the buxom blonde and brooding artist of Masterpiece. And if your Lichtenstein thirst still isn’t quenched, the Center City shop also carries 2-foot versions ($199) to spice up your space. Wham, blam and varoom!


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