The Odd Couple…James and Gregory Labold

Photos by Michael T. Regan

By Annamarya Scaccia

Who: James and Gregory Labold

What: The boys behind Labold Brothers, a line of limited-edition and one-of-a-kind hand-screened clothing

Ages: James, 27 (right); Gregory, 25

Hood: Old Kensington

Alma mater: Tyler School of Art

Motto: “Break the Mold, Be Labold”

Inspired by: Dadaism, surrealism, each other

Day jobs: James is produce supervisor at Whole Foods; Gregory is a face-painter at the Philadelphia Zoo.

For spring, it’s all about: Neon

Favorite place to shop: Thrift stores, trash cans, dollar stores

In James’ closet: A dual-dyed shirt covered with layers of patterns and prints. “It’s a walking record of what we’ve done in the past few months.”

In Gregory’s closet: A collection of his own hair. “It’s more of a fear of going bald. This way, I can make my own wig with my own natural hair.”

Other things to avoid in Gregory’s closet: An Eagles thong

Best-dressed Philadelphian: The Philly Phanatic

Worst-dressed Philadelphian: Younger brother David

Soundtrack: The Desert Sessions or anything Queens of the Stone Age

Trend that needs to stop: Dragon Ball Z haircuts and popped collars

Best place to people-watch: Second Street between Market and Chestnut at 2:15 a.m.

In another world, they’d be: Rock stars, art teachers, making chandeliers and Chihuly knock-offs

Song they’d duel to: “Eye of the Tiger”

Get yours at:,


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