Review: CHERRY GHOST “Thirst for Romance”

Bolton-based troupe Cherry Ghost is surrounded by hype – their debut album, Thirst for Romance, receiving rave reviews, though this listener is not so sure the glowing prose is deserved. [Ed. Note: as it was chosen as an AMPLIFIER Album of the Week some feel it worthy of high praise]. Musically, the UK outfit is good – Simon Aldred’s vocals are subtly twangy and sometimes loutish and the instrumentals swell with honest intensity (“People Help the People,” “4am,” “Roses,” “Thirst for Romance”). But, and it’s a big BUT, it’s all too reminiscent of Chicago-based Wilco, the band behind “Theologians,” from which Cherry Ghost got its band name. The album has too much of an overt Americana vibe that Wilco is known for, and by default Jeff Tweedy’s former band Uncle Tupelo. Cherry Ghost’s debut album is not as stark as that of, what could be its American counterpart. Instead, some of Thirst for Romance’s key tracks, like “Mathematics” and “False Alarm,” are lissom and whimsical, crafting an idiosyncratic atmosphere. Still, those songs can’t make up for the obvious.

–Annamarya Scaccia [May 21, 2008]


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