Review: POMEGRANATES “Everything is Alive”

The debut album, Everything is Alive, from Ohio-based quartet Pomegranates, is ripe with ripping low-fi indie pop sensibilities. Its an effort reflective of contemporary shoegaze – the harmonizing instrumentals offsetting swaying vocal dynamics that see-saw from sweet, delicate breathes to solid, harsh growls (“Honey Moon Pie,” “Whom/Who,” “Appreciations,” “Thunder Meadow”). The four gents, Joey Cook, Isaac Karns, Josh Kufeldt and Jacob Merritt, can even be a bit enchanting – track “The Uncanny Terrace Treeclimber” is a twinkling, dreamy number with shimmering guitars that swells with toe-tapping goodness. But maybe it’s the small hints of Built to Spill spilling across the record that makes Pomegranates’ newest effort feel familiar. But in the case of Everything is Alive, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt.

–Annamarya Scaccia [May 21, 2008]


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