In The Event That…You Need Some Summer Booty

By Annamarya Scaccia

Libertine Ball 2008: Pervy Pirates — Kink on the High Seas Sat., July 12, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., $35-$100, Shampoo, 417 N. Eighth St., 215-829-4986,

If Jack Sparrow and his naughty mates (oh, we’re talking about you, Orlando Bloom) get your breeches wet, then Passional’s Libertine Ball is your treasure chest.

Titled “Pervy Pirates — Kink on the High Seas,” the 10th annual bash will feature four decks of fun: the Forecastle, blasting beats by Octo-Pussy and Johanna Constantine; the outdoor rum-filled Pirates Cove; the Treasure Chest vendor area; and the Hold, which includes St. Andrew’s crosses, suspension frames, flogging stations, spanking benches, tickling and bondage booths. Nudity, however, is prohibited, as is penetration and oral stimulation of any sort, says Libertine Ball creator and Passional proprietrix Kali Morgan, who’s attending as Captain Morgan. (Costumes are mandatory for everyone on deck.) Passional, Delicious Corsets and BabyLoves Latex will also put on fashions shows throughout the evening.

In addition to the ball, mateys can check out a weekend’s worth of other Libertine events. The fetish festivities include a gallery reception for Florida-based bondage artist Chainsaw Chuck at Passional’s Aphrodite Gallery and a South Street Pirates Pub Crawl on Friday night.


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