Hittin’ the Streets: Do you find ‘Pink’ Products Targeted at Women Irresistible or Offensive?

TheDailyFemme.com – Published on Thurs, May 20


We’re Back! Taking TheDailyFemme to the streets, coffee shops, libraries, art galleries, sports games, buses,  trains, and using e-mail, we ask women all over the country (and sometimes the world) one simple question. What we get in return is a lot of insight, advice, some nervous confusion and even a hug or two.

This week’s question: What do you think about products that are targeted at women and feature  pastel frilly designs, often in pink? For example Dell’s line of female pastel computers known as “Della,” “PinkTooth” which is Bluetooth Wireless Pink Headset with Swarowski crystals, the pink iPod dock that is shaped like a purse or Pink female-designed headphones made to look more like earrings than ear buds. Do you find these products irresistible and perfect for women’s tastes or rather offensive?



Annemarie–Brooklyn, NY

While I generally hate stereotyping, I’ve come to realize that some girls actually do respond to those tactics. So, if it comes to a good product (maybe a laptop or calculator) I’m lenient.


Marcia–San Jose, CA

I think a lot of women will respond to this question by saying “to each her own and if a woman likes pink then she has the right to like pink.” However it’s so important to note that watching many of those commercials or seeing the advertisements prove how degrading these type of products are to women. It isn’t just about being frilly, pastel, and pink, it is much more ingrained in the messaging which conveys that we as women must enjoy these girly feminine products that we used to see on our dollies when we were five. That is the sad truth about this which is why I would never support anything gender coded in such a way.



Leyla – New York, NY

I actually have a pink Dell computer from the Della line and it does make me feel girly! I don’t like to show it in public though because I don’t want people to look at me like I am too much of a girly girl.



Melissa Ann – Lawrence, MA

I am a total sucker for those things… I love girlie pink things and I cant help but be attracted to items that are targeted at me. I love anything shiny too, so crystals are a plus! Also, though they are marketed for women, I know lots of men who’s favorite color is pink, not to mention those fabulous drag divas out there… They love sparkle too.


Maria Elizabeth – Cabuyao, Philippines

I’ve always loathed the idea of “gendering colors”, as I see it as just another marketing scheme wrapped up in sexism. Especially now, as a new mom who’s raising her kid to be gender-neutral, I can’t help but notice all of the ways that males and females are made to identify with specific color schemes (pastels for girls, primary colors for boys)



Ada –  New York, NY

It’s a little weird that they have colors for products according to gender. Like pink or purple are for female and I don’t think that is the right thing to do–that seems off.



Rain – South Glens Falls, NY

As much as I hate stereotyping I’m the first in line to buy anything pink and frilly. Maybe it’s from growing up playing with Barbies…



Kelly Ann – New York, NY

I totally love girly things like that!! Look at me, I’m selling Lia Sophia jewelry. I think it just shows the wonderful taste women have today. Classy, sleek, confident and cool – how everyone women should feel today.


Wen – New Orleans, LA

Here’s the deal–if you like pink then go crazy, paint your entire room bright baby Hello Kitty pink! The issue at hand is that these colors are being targeted at women and associated with being hyper feminine and that is the problem. I don’t want any product being marketed to me because I am a woman when it is used exactly like a man would. Like with the Della computer–the only reason why a woman would buy it is because it is pink? Yuck.


Mia – Bristol, PA

Honestly, I was not aware of specific pink products until now. I binged them and now I recall seeing them. I saw them in real life and ignored them. Initially, the idea of pink products sounded silly, but I remembered how pink is very important in Mary Kay, Inc. When Mary Kay Ash started her company in 1963, she selected the pink packaging so the products would match most bathrooms and stand out. I have never liked pink, but since my time in MK, I have a different perspective. I love our new product packaging, which is now black and pink; previously it had been white and pink.

To answer your question, I do not feel the need for a pink computer or headset, but I do not think there is anything wrong in designing products like that. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything pink. It is just a personal preference.


Interviews were contributed by Annamarya Scaccia, Sofia Gauthier and Cherie Hannouche


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