Hittin’ the Streets Interviews with Women: Would you prefer a male or female boss?

Published on TheDailyFemme.com – Thursday, June 10


Taking TheDailyFemme to the streets, coffee shops, libraries, art galleries, sports games, buses,  trains, and using e-mail, we ask women all over the country (and sometimes the world) one simple question. What we get in return is a lot of insight, advice, some nervous confusion and even a hug or two.

Interviews were contributed by Annamarya Scaccia, Nikki DiGennaro, Sofia Gauthier and Cherie Hannouche

This week’s question: Would you prefer a male or female boss and why? Are you surprised to know that according the most recent Gallup data, only 26% of females preferred a female boss (2006)?



Magalí,-Buenos Aires, Argentina

In general I´d rather have a male boss, because, let’s face it, women are more complicated. You can feel intimidated either by male or female bosses. However, u now that a women will be paying more attention to things that men don’t. Among woman there are always some sort of silent competition, men are plainer. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me the numbers shown on the 2006 survey.



Deena – Brooklyn, NY

I would prefer a male boss.

I’m all for equal rights (I consider myself an Equalist) but women bosses tend to be tougher on their women workers. What can we call this phenomenon, same gender prejudice perhaps?

As sad as it may seem, a lot of women in managerial/supervisory positions tend to have “power trips” and are generally more inflexible— I suppose the glass ceiling (or whatever excuse they’re using these days) makes them feel like they have something to prove, especially to other women in the vicinity. In my whole working history, I can only think of one female boss/supervisor I had that was decent and fair… not to say that some of my male bosses weren’t hardasses either, but the females tended to be more of the time.



Evan Nicholson-Philadelphia, PA

Ideally, it should not matter whether you work for a male or female boss. Since the workplace is not an ideal place, we cannot ignore that there are differences. I would personally prefer to work with a female boss. My boss is someone I would like to consider a mentor. A female boss is someone who encounters similar situations as a female in the work force and will, therefore, be a more effective mentor for me.



Claudia-Buenos Aires, Argentina

I prefer men, why? Well, I have several reasons but the main one is because I think and believe that women are much more complicated than men, If ever, as employees make mistakes, I think a boss man can take care of the situation in a much more relaxing way than a female boss. Men first step is to work to find a solution to the problem and in a second instance think about what to do with the employee. But a female boss the first thing she do is to be mad with her employee, and perhaps for that reason, she doesn’t see the real problem, and therefore can not fix it, or attacking the roots.- I also believe that women compete among ourselves.- These are the main reasons, although there are many others … As to whether or not surprise me the outcome of the recent survey, the answer is NO, not at all, and why not? is mainly based on my answer to the first question. ____________________________________________

Joanna-Madison, WI

No I am not surprised by the data because most people seem to off the bat think of that women are not good enough without really seeing the details of the situation. I think when a woman can overcome the barriers that set up her to be a stereotype–you know mean, bitchy, stressed, uncaring and catty, and competitive–once she gets past that (which is not easy) I think she is a much better option.  I am not saying that a male boss is inherently bad but I think because women have such obstacles, the ones who do survive are much better for it.



Virginia-Campana, Argentina

Undoubtedly, a woman… I would fear falling in love with a man as a boss and leaving my husband!

Seriously speaking, I have always had female bosses and I have experienced no problems. So, I vote for women.


Morgan-San Diego, CA

I have had some cut throat experiences with women bosses. It was the case where they were the only female boss in all of the departments and so they felt they needed to run a really tight ship in order match up to the other male bosses. That often meant yelling at us employees and we had to succumb to a Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada type of attitude. However when I left that job, I had another female boss who had incredible managing skills and truly believed fairness and treating everyone equally. Because she did not give into certain pressures of being the only woman at top, she showed that it made no difference that she was female. She was extremely organized and demanded good work but we wanted to give her nothing but the best because she was very fair with each of us. That is the type of female boss I want to be. The data is disheartening but I think the more and more women prove themselves as great bosses, the more that scale will tip.



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