BOOK REVIEW: Sheer Desire: The Art of Michael Mobius

By Annamarya Scaccia (, 2005)

Title: Sheer Desire: The Art of Michael Mobius
Author: Michael Mobius
Publish Date: 1997, 2002
Pages: 48

Erotic art as an aphrodisiac is a rare find. Straightforward and always to the point, most erotic art proudly exhibits scantily clad girls in thongs or leather. So to find artwork that is done with delicacy and yearning is a wonderful thing. Such is the case with artist Michael Mobius’ bookSheer Desire: The Art of Michael Mobius.

Discreet, seductive and mysterious, the art of Mobius is powerful and artistic. Restrained lines, fragile poises and willowy features, Sheer Desire is a 48-page display of stunning craftsmanship with strong sexual undertones. Even though the book has a few overtly erotic pieces “Car Wash” (1999), “Bondage” (1997)”for example), the intensity of the more subtle works overpowers them.

Born in 1968, Mobius began his passage into the art world by working as a freelance artist and working with his mentor, Renato Casaro. A former student at the Academy of Arts in Dresden, Germany, Mobius’s work began to appear in Penthouse Magazine and has been exhibited in galleries from New York to California. A lover of photography and realism, Mobius’s style is intelligent and strangely beautiful. Sheer Desire is a perfect representation of what his talents can do.

Even as a heterosexual female, one can appreciate the delicate textures and elegant portraits of this book. With the brilliant use of color, a realistic style that is near photographic, needle-thin details that are both illuminated and lazy, and the slight bits of flesh shown through translucent pieces of lace, suggestive of desire and craving, are cause to immediately draw you in. One such piece, “Pearls” (2000), shows a slender woman in a lace slip undergarment with wild blue locks and a lusty stare. Her shoulder strap is down and a nipple peaks out while pearls are wrapped around her neck and down her leg. She is lifting her dress and her vagina is slightly seen. Her enviable body is leaned against a black backdrop and she is calling you to her, wanting you.

The majority of the work, such as the portraits of playmate Devin DeVasquez “Devin/Playboy” (2001) on pages 17-24, the pencil sketch of Claudia Schiffer “Claudia” (2000) on page 25 and “Woman in Chair” (2001) to name a few, are entrancing and enticing. Some pieces are rough sketches, but regardless of their imprecise appearance, they are equally beautiful in comparison to the finished product. Other works, such as “Touch” (2000) and the drawing of Linda Evangelista “Linda” (1999) are reminiscent of 1980s style modern, new wave art. Jagged outlines, fading necklines, pouted lips and an opulent stare make up the core of these pieces and give off a pulsing heat of veiled rapture.

Mobius is a master of erotic art. He blends evocative body placements that hint at deviance with full-bodied feminine qualities and intriguing expressions into whirlwinds of deep colors and fascinating depictions of human flesh. Sheer Desire goes beyond sex. Purely artistic, it is desire and aside from the few “quickie” works of sexy females, the collection is, in fact, art.


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