Philebrity Obnoxiously Misinterprets Pink Posing as Rosie The Riveter in New Video

Published on The Daily Femme – Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

Contributed by Annamarya

As a journalist, there is nothing I find more obnoxious than fellow journalists and bloggers spewing off their opinion without actually correctly researching or interpreting the material they criticize (like the brains on/behind FOX News). Sure, there is always room for error but some things are just way too obvious to screw up. Like Pink’s latest song, “Raise Your Glass.” Specific, I know. But last week, local blog Philebrity posted a seemingly misinformed critique of Pink posing in Rosie The Riveter’s likeness in her video for the song. They write:

So, here’s the bad news: Pink, Philly’s answer to so many pop star questions that were never worth asking in the first place and nec plus ultra of Curiously Defeminized Women From The Northeast, is still making records. Insult to injury: In the video for her new single, “Raise Your Glass,” our scratchy-throated podunk diva channels Rosie The Riveter, awesome cultural icon and now, some kind of sad punchline. We suppose we should have more of a sense of humor about this, but really: Isn’t the record industry dead enough that we shouldn’t have to deal with Pink anymore?

Before I get into how wrong the post is, I want to mention two sexist fouls: 1. They named the post: “Pink Impersonates National Symbol Of Proto-Feminist Power In New Song About Being A Drunk Slut.” Drunk slut? Seriously? Real nice use of a demeaning word, people; and 2. What exactly does a “Curiously Defeminized Women” even mean? Are they saying that Pink doesn’t fit the expected gender-normative standards of society? More importantly, why should she? Who are you to say how she should act? But anyways, to the point.

I had a chance to actually watch the video for “Raise Your Glass” on VH1 and think that her use of Rosie The Riveter is absolutely appropriate. Whether or not you like Pink, you have to admit that throughout her career, she has championed the rights of those who are different from what society expects and “Raise Your Glass” is no different. The video features a variety of people who don’t fit into the accepted mold and are defying expectation: a gay couple getting married, interreligious and interracial relationships, and a plus-size girl shedding her clothes and swimming with the skinny minis, to name a few. It’s about accepting your differences, fighting for your rights and not letting up, and telling the world: “Screw you. I am who I am. I’m proud of me and you can’t control me or say what I can and cannot do,” an attitude Rosie The Riveter personified. Just read the chorus: So raise your glass if you are wrong / In all the right ways / All my underdogs / We will never be never be anything but loud / And nitty gritty dirty little freaks / Won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass /Just come on and come on and raise your glass.

So, Philebrity, the next time you want to criticize someone, make sure you do your research. And, while you’re at it, please refrain from using overtly sexist language. Thanks.

[Correction: Pink’s video for “Raise Your Glass” does not, in fact, feature a plus-size girl shedding her clothes and swimming. That is Katy Perry’s video for her song, “Firework.” Pink’s video does, however, feature a plus-size girl proudly eating at the beginning.]


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