The Clog: 10-Track Mind: Why, WHY do I love Dio?

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Friday, May 16th, 2008 at 5:40 pm
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Every week, we have a staffer, freelancer or friend-or-enemy of The Clog put their iTunes or iPod on shuffle and tell us about the first 10 songs that come up. The only rules: No skipping, no cheating and you don’t need to be all music critic-y about it. If you’d like to submit a 10-Track Mind of your own, contact Drew Lazor at drew.lazor[at]citypaper[dot]net. This week, CP supertern, frequent Clog commenter and self-proclaimed “child of the ’90s” Annamarya Scaccia does her thing.


1. Jeff Buckley – “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over” (Grace)
After reading an article in Mojo about Jeff Buckley two years after he died, I picked up Grace from Tower Records and fell in love, especially with this song. There?s something instinctual about his voice, so passionate and so mad and it’s set to this beautiful and peaceful melody. I get goosebumps every time I hear it.


2. Mute Math – “Chaos” (Mute Math)
So I should be ashamed to say this, but I’m not — the first time I heard “Chaos” was during one of The N’s Degrassi/South of Nowhere/Best Yearscommercial mashups. I was instantly drawn to it and now every time I hear it, I think of how Craig totally did Ellie dirty.


3. Bush – “Little Things” (Sixteen Stone)
“Little Things” reminds me of my childhood when I first got into “alternative music” and cassettes were still around. I had this album on tape. It’s an awesome and totally confusing song. Then again, all songs of the ’90s were confusing. (Think of everything by Stone Temple Pilots … what the hell is Scott Weiland talking about ever?)


4. Soundgarden – “Spoonman” (Superunknown) & 5. Pantera – “Cemetery Gates” (Cowboys from Hell)
First time I was exposed to Pantera and Soundgarden was in junior high, around ’95. My friend and I were sitting on some ledge in the schoolyard and I had my Walkman tuned into NY’s FM radio station Z100. “Cemetery Gates,” “Spoonman” and RHCP’s “Breaking the Girl” played, and it changed my musical life. No more New Kids and Latin freestyle. I was forever corrupted.


6. Interpol – “PDA” (Turn on the Bright Lights)
I was a sales assistant at Sam Goody when I first read about Interpol in some glossy music rag. The writer likened the group to Joy Division (how could you not?) and again, I bought this CD all because of someone’s opinion (didn’t hurt that I got a discount). Luckily, I liked it, still do. And even though “PDA” is a great song, “Stella was a Diver and She was Always Down” is still my number one favorite by the group.


7. Romeo Void – “White Sweater” (Warm, In Your Coat)
Funny thing about Romeo Void — I really didn’t know about them until I randomly bought their greatest hits album Warm, in Your Coat back in 2004, 23 years after “White Sweater,” the band’s first single, was released. I dug on the cover and remembered “Never Say Never” vaguely (check out Queens of the Stone Age’s cover), so I bought it to check it out. After listening to it and loving every single song on there, they became one of my favorite bands and now I wish I could hang out with Debora Iyall because she is truly badass.


8. Dio – “Rainbow in the Dark” (Holy Diver)
Why, WHY do I love Dio? Because of freakin’ “Rainbow in the Dark”!? Seriously, how is a rainbow metal? It’s not, but Dio — that short little Italian man who turned il corno into a symbol for rockin’ (totally by accident, mind you) — managed to make the colorful semi-circle more evil than Lucifer. It’s everything that’s cheesy and great about the genre. If there’s anyone who could make me a kickin’ Dio T-shirt, please contact me (


9. Imperial Teen – “Yoo Hoo” (What is Not to Love)
“Yoo Hoo” was on a mixtape an old friend made me in ’99 as part of our weekly ritual of exchanging mixtapes in high school. Every time I hear this song, I remember that period of my life when mixtapes were “the thing” — and I picture Rose McGowan sucking on a jawbreaker.


10. Gin Blossoms – “Hey Jealousy” (New Miserable Experience)
My friends in Endless Mike and the Beagle Club performed “Hey Jealousy” at a house party on 47th and Chester awhile back, a couple of months after my beau and I moved to Philadelphia. It was an clumsy cover but everybody was singing along and having a grand ol’ time because, let’s face it, everybody loves the Gin Blossoms. It still bothers me to this day that Doug Hopkins killed himself, mainly because he was such a great lyricist and honestly, “Hey Jealousy” is the prime example of that.


BONUS TRACK: The Walker Texas Ranger theme song
OK, so I’m cheating. This isn’t on my MP3 player. But I hear it every day at 10 a.m. Why? Because I love watching the show in the morning. Maybe Conan O?Brien is to blame for all of it. “In the eyes of a ranger, the unsuspecting stranger had better know the truth of wrong from right. ‘Cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you, every wrong you do, he’s gonna see. When you’re in Texas, look behind you — ’cause that’s where the ranger’s gonna be.”


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