Victoria’s Secret’s Fashion Show FAILS: Our Top Picks

Published on The Daily Femme – Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010

Contributed by Annnamarya

Out of all my female friends and family, I would categorize myself as the least enthused about Victoria’s Secret. Sure I never passed up the chance to peruse a good semi-annual sale in high school but that was over ten years ago. Now, I fail to see the fascination with the company for a bevy of reasons: 1. They tailor their “sexy” to thin (albeit “curvy”) women, and while I may find some bitterness in this as a plus-size lady, I’m not anti-VS solely because of its lack of fittable sizes; 2. Heavens help me, I couldn’t fit into their bras even if I sucked all the life out of me. The highest they go is between a 38DD and the rare 42/44DD and, according to one nice VS representative three years back, I’m a 42F (42F!)  in VS bras, even though I fit into a 40DD in, you know, the normal world. 3. I’m more of a Frederick’s of Hollywood girl myself–and, I suppose, more risque when it comes to lingerie. I equate VS clothing & accessories and their infamous catalogs to soft-core porn staring Richard Grieco: It really, really wants to be hot but it’s a tamed failure with a poor plot line that gives you empty five minutes of gratification. 4. It sets unreasonably high and unrealistic expectations of what a woman is supposed to wear as intimates and what our intimates should look like. 5. Overall, the fashion really isn’t anything special. It’s just dressed up plainness–nothing more than department store-variety threads sold at an unwarranted high mark up. Strike a “sexy” pose in a  Bali bra and, really, there’s no difference–except that you don’t have soft, feathery wings but you can change that by popping into Ricky’s.

In honor of Victoria Secret’s annual fashion show that took place Tuesday night on CBS and featured Adriana Lima in a $2 mil diamond and sapphire bra, The Huffington Post ran a 16-photo slideshow of the worst fashion ever to step out of the history of VS runway shows. And while I’m not judging anyone who does shop/enjoy/absolutely needs/goes crazy over Victoria Secret (it’s not my bag. Doesn’t mean it can’t be yours), you’ll have to agree that the outfits I picked from the HuffPo list are absolutely wrong in every conceivable way.  Absolutely wrong.

1. From 2009

2. From 2007

3. From 2008

4. From 2002


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