Iran Calls For Ban on Women Watching Soccer in Theaters

Published on The Daily Femme – Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011

Contributed by Annamarya

Did you know women and families watching soccer in movie theaters “increases security risks and inappropriate behavior”?

That’s the reason a state police agency that monitors businesses in Iran gave for ordering a ban on women watching soccer matches at public movie theaters. And it’s not even the act of watching – it’s merely the “presence” of women and families that increases these particular no-nos because it’s not “compatible with Islam.” And according to Amir Hossein Alamalhoda, an official with Iran’s movie theater industry, they are still waiting to hear from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance about “their decision in this matter” since movie theaters operate under its authority. So, if they have their way, women, in addition to be banned from attending men’s soccer matches at stadiums, won’t be able to cast their eyes upon a screen showing said match in public. What the hell?

I am not surprised by this ridiculousness, but I am wholly disappointed. Human rights violations in Iran keep racking up and while a ban on watching soccer is not comparable to public lashings for deemed “indecency” in terms of severity, it is still infringing on women’s freedom to exist as equal to men – and it needs to stop. Because if they’re banned from simply watching soccer in theaters, what’s next – in their own home?

CNN World: Women soccer fans in Iran may be banned from live broadcasts


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