Weekend Warrior, January 28 – 30

Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

With Sara Marcus’ Girls to Front bringing renewed interest in the Riot Grrrl Movement, the growing success of Girls Rock Philly, and the new crop of fierce, talented female musicians tearing up the indie music scene, it’s easy to say that there’s a resurgence in lady rock – one that signals a new future for women in rock, which will put them at a hot forefront. But, the truth is, we’re just beginning to touch on something that Sugar Town has known for the last ten years – that women in rock are far, wide and in our own backyard, are true and plentiful, and are deserving of our undivided attention. Sugar Town was started in 2001 by local music journalist/promoter/DJ Sara Sherr (read our interview with the founder here) as a monthly night to celebrate local and national lady rockers and DJs (despite a few hiatuses), and on Saturday at home base Tritone, it’ll celebrate its 10th-year anniversary with a 13-band bill of local acts paying homage to influential and legendary female bands and artists (with No Wavelength‘s Grace Ambrose and Erin Mae Szrankowski of Y-Rock on XPN‘s Pop Theory program spinning between sets). Among the tribute bands are Cris Valkryria & The Opponents playing Blondie, Girls Rock Philly and Make a Rising members taking on Electrelane, Girls Dressed As Girls (featuring Mighty Paradocs‘ mate and Tritone’s monthly “Rockers” host, Camae Defstar) playing Hole and much, much more (for a full list, check out here). Happy birthday, Sugar Town! Tritone, 1508 South St., 6pm, $7, 21+
-Annamarya Scaccia
(credit not given on site)


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