Terrible Valentine’s Day Gifts – Our Top Picks (The Day-After Addition!)

Published on Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011

Contributed by Annamarya

Relationship or not, I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. And it’s not because of the lovey-dovey hooha that’s shoved down our throats (although it does make me wanna barf). It’s more because, well, love should be a 365-day-a-year kind of thing. To designate only one day where amour and admiration are center stage and then exploit it for consumerist gain is just absolutely ludicrous. Nevermind that it’s so erroneously sexist how its commercialization is geared towards women who businesses seem to think only care about diamonds, chocolates, and frilly pink things.

That’s why I am dedicating my Tuesday post to the top items that would not only be poorly chosen but dreadfully churlish if given on Valentine’s Day (via Huffington Post’s Heart-Shaped Pizza & Other Terrible Valentine’s Day Gifts photo list). Hopefully, if you’re a feminist and celebrator of the holiday, you didn’t receive any of these.

1. Pink Game Console – Because nothing says “I know you’re a gamer but remember, you’re still a women” quite like a console in the color you’re told to like.

2.  Pajama-gram – It’s not so much the pajamas as much as the fact that they’re in pink. Basically, anything you buy in pink and give to a woman whomay not actually like pink is wrong.

3. Candy Bra There are many reasons why the Candy Bra is a no-no, holiday or not. Primarily, it’s because of Loco Mama’s song dedicated to the edible garment. Secondly, it’s just tasteless.

4. Fundies – Because nothing says “I’m hinting at–but actually expect–sex” like uncomfortable underwear (that probably wouldn’t work in real life).

5. Offensive Bear – I think this one may just be self-explanatory.

Huffington Post: Heart-Shaped Pizza & Other Terrible Valentine’s Day Gifts


One thought on “Terrible Valentine’s Day Gifts – Our Top Picks (The Day-After Addition!)

  1. Fundies is a no-no, too. I have never been a fan of the idea of having one day to show love. I don’t like being asked what my plans are by people I barely know as that is personal. I feel for single people who are made to feel badly about V-Day. It’s not right.

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