Folkadelphia Concert Series Returns at JB’s Feb. 20

Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011

When I interviewed Fred Knittel about his Folkadelphia Concert Series/senior project, his voice was loaded with excitement for Philadelphia’s modern folk scene (read The Deli’s interview here). After all, it is a bustling community that the 22-year-old Drexel undergrad and host of Y-Rock’s Folkadelphia radio show is deeply rooted in. So you can say that’s the overall purpose of his February series at Johnny Brenda’s, which will feature live performances and interviews with the bands: to draw others into that sonic landscape he’s so fond of and to bridge that gap between old school folk traditions and its modern twists. And so far, it’s seen success, with rave reviews coming in for Folkadelphia’s February 6 inaugural show with Hezekiah Jones and The Spinning Leaves. I don’t have any doubt he can keep that momentum going this afternoon when its second installment comes underway with Northern PA’s whispering indie-folk luminaries Lewis & Clarke take the stage. So go enjoy the magic before it’s too late. I know I will. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 Frankford Ave., 1pm, $7, All AgesAnnamarya Scaccia

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