Powerful Posters from Walk for Choice – Our Top Picks

Published on The Daily Femme – Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Contributed by Annamarya

On Saturday, thousands upon thousands of women across the country banned together in their respective towns in the name of choice. The Walk for Choice rallies were organized in order to show support for Planned Parenthood, protest the House measure to defund the repro-health organization, and stand up to vicious attack on women’s health that’s sweeping the nation. Some rallies were met with anti-choice opposition, like this one in Dallas, but the women and men who gathered for reproductive health would not back down. It’s no doubt their collective voices were heard loud and clear.

And one way they were heard was through the number of protest signs carried through the events. Some were simple (”I’m too old for this”), while others held wit (”Keep your Boehner out of my uterus”) but they were all powerful, clever, and honest. Check out our top seven favorite posters from the rallies below (for more info on Walk for Choice, visit walkforchoice.tumblr.com).

1. “If I wanted the government in my womb…I’d FUCK a senator!!”



4. “This Jew Is Breaking Shabbat to Save Women’s Lives.”

5. “Fellow Men: Shut Up and Let Women Choose!”

6. “If the Fetus You ‘Save’ Is Gay, Will You Still Fight for its Rights?”

7. “The Most Dangerous Place for an African American is in the House of Representatives. That’s Racism.”


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