WOMYNFEST at The Rotunda March 6

Published in The Deli Philadelphia – Sunday, March 7, 2011

Every time I hear the word “women”, in my mind it translates into this loud, piercing yelp a la French Stewart as Harry in “3rd Rock from the Sun” (you thought I was going with Wolfmother, didn’t you?). It also reminds me of Women’s History Month, which is happening this month. It’s not only essential to recognize, celebrate, and cherish the stories you can share, but to remember the women of yore who’ve helped paved the way  to/for our rights. So make some history tonight at Uni City’s Rotunda for WOMYNFEST, presented by Vitamin D productions. Open to every junk type (ladyjunk, manjunk, pandajunk…whatev), this evening’s shindig will feature a breadth of sickeningly talented musicians, including Chrissy Tashian & Sara Green of the Dangerous PoniesVictoria Spaeth and the Spaeth CadetsVoices of AfricaLexie Smith, Susan Rosetti of Stargazer LilySlo-mo fame, and Lauren Adams of Naughty, Naughty Nurses. The brains behind the presenter, Vitamin D (a.k.a. Denise), will play a set with fierce don’t-fuck-with-us drummers Allison Krayer and Deb Cervone. Now go get an education in badass. The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut St., 7pm, Free, All Ages – Annamarya Scaccia


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