Where Is My Mind?: Prowler’s Tyler Griswald

Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Thursday, May 5, 2011will

– by Annamarya Scaccia

I don’t think I can sing–or, rather, shout–Prowler‘s praises anymore than I already do. On their last album, Wooly Mammoth, Prowler’s dance-noise-rock hybrid was so erratically funky, so overblown and spastic, it was hard to not want to burn down the house in sonic jubilation. And now back in the studio working on new material, they’re continuing down this righteous wave of party rock (download their latest single, “Skinny Bones”, for FREE below). Tonight, in a blast of celebration, they’ll stir it up and shake it down with Pink Skullfor their Shakedown Live Cinco de Mayo show at the Barbary (DJs Rob PaineWillyum, and Jay Yo will spin throughout the night). Show up and drown yourself in free PBR until the well runs dry and dance ’til your feet burn but not before you read our interview with Prowler’s Tyler Griswald, where we talk about their new jams and the relevancy of MySpace.

Skinny Bones by Prowler

The Deli: Prowler has headed back into the studio to work on new material. Are you working on a full-length, EP or one-off singles?
Tyler Griswald: We are indeed back in the studio and excited to be there. It’s great because the way we create allows us to keep one or two things simmering on the back burner at all times. Recording for us is a lot like chemistry class or a meth lab. We introduce the various elements in a neutral medium, agitate, set it to a burner, combine it at various volumes, distill, evaporate, and then BANG!, a new tune is born. We’ve never actually had a proper single, so that’s the plan for the moment and more new stuff to come later this summer.
TD: When should fans expect a new Prowler jam?
TG: When you see the giant smoke plume rising over Philly, the jams will be ready.
TD:  Your last album, Wooly Mammoth, was well-received. Will your new work expand on the sonic success of that album?
TG: The first law of thermodynamics states that in any process of a system, total energy never changes. We want take all the love and momentum that we got from the last album and transfer that forward. Creatively, as a group we are always expanding and challenging each other to go to the future because the future’s where it’s at. We’re just a mad group of futurologists hedging our bets on the robots.
TD: Are you exploring any new directions with the new material?
TG: We always thought that our live performance is how we particularly shine or at least, collectively, one of the most enjoyable parts of this project. So we’re going to try and capture that energy for the new single. All of us recording in one room at once, kind of like some Villa Nellcote shit.
TD: Speaking of music, Prowler recently ditched its MySpace page. With all the new music sites popping up & gaining steam, like Bandcamp & Soundcloud, both of which you have, is MySpace even relevant anymore for bands?
TG: We only really ditched the MySpace because we finally got around to putting together a proper website. We weren’t seeing much in return from the MySpace except spam from weirdos and euro house DJs. All of these new music sites/avenues for getting your material out there and heard are both a blessing and a curse. While on the one hand it’s great to have so many free sites and opportunities to promote and hustle, it is also insane some weeks to keep up with the tweeting, status updating, Bandcamp analytics, e-newsletter blasts, blogging, website maintaining and whatever else when you are a true unsigned DIY enterprise. Thankfully Keith, our singer, LOVES the internet and keeps the whole Prowler web apparatus up and running.
TD: Is it even relevant for anyone?
TG: It’s still a platform for people to get there shit out there and heard, but the more recent iterations have made it less user friendly and restricted. Everything changes over every couple of years. I guess it is still relevant for house DJs, bad rappers, female escorts, and bar bands from the mid ‘90s.
TD: You have a show coming up at the Barbary with Pink Skull for Cinco de Mayo. Doing anything special to honor the holiday?
TG: We are super psyched for the show. It is going to be a rad night. We really want to thank the Shakedown dudes, Pink Skull, and PBR for putting it together. For Cinco de Mayo, Mike the dude will be riding a low-rider bumping Nortena, Ryan will be doing shots of Cuervo, I will be fronting bandelero, Kat will sing in Spanish, Keith will be all mariachi and together it will be going down at the Barbary.
TD: What’s your favorite thing to get at the deli?
TG: Future Tacos.


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