The Worst Mother’s Day Gifts: Our Top Picks

Published on The Daily Femme – Friday, May 6, 2011

Contributed by Annamarya

So…I may not be a mom but I absolutely can’t stand Mother’s Day commercials for gift ideas.

It almost goes without saying that my disdain for this particular type of mainstream marketing stems from its incessant chauvinist hawking of gender-stereotypical gifts (same is true for Father’s Day commercials). “Don’t know what to get your mom? How about a cute charm bracelet from Kay Jewelers or, better yet, that sweet new Swiffer!” It’s as if, once you have children, everyone around you is suppose to forget you are an individual with specific tastes that are not defined by her “mommy role.” What about the mothers, like mine, who love tools, video games, and/or the latest technology? What about mothers, like mine, who’d rather get a gift card to Home Depot than Burlington Coat Factory? Where are the commercials catering to those mothers? Why do we continue to be so constraining when it comes to gender-specific holidays, huh? It makes me want to barf.

In honor of my two mothers (I was raised in a loving LGBTQ household), and all the other mothers out there that don’t fit the mold, I present my top picks for the worst Mother’s Day gift ideas, based off a list compiled by If you want to do something extra special, meaningful and lasting for Sunday, I suggest you read the informative New York Times editorial by journalist Nicholas D. Kristof on different ways to help less fortunate mothers throughout the world have a beautiful holiday.

1. Cookbooks

10.  No cookbooks

2. Kitchen Appliances

6.  No kitchen gadgets

3. Exercise Equipment

1.  Anything exercise related

4. Generic Trophy Items Reminding Your Mom She’s a Mom

3. Nothing that says World's Best Mom 10 of the Worst Mother’s Day Gifts – Helpful Hints for Husbands


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