Quote of the Day: “My guy friends and I have a much broader palate when it comes to women’s bodies than Maxim or Cosmopolitan would lead you to believe.”

Published on The Daily Femme – Friday, May 20, 2011

Contributed by Annamarya

I talk about bushes, big thighs, saggy boobs, gaps in women’s teeth, big noses, and more. Sure, I think it’s funny, but the fact is, I really do dig that stuff. And I’m not alone. My guy friends and I have a much broader palate when it comes to women’s bodies than Maxim or Cosmopolitan would lead you to believe. And I’m not putting this forth to sound noble; what I’m saying is absolutely a variation on ‘Guys’ll fuck anything.’ But I’d like to expand that and say, ‘Guys’ll fuck anything, and they’ll enjoy it. AND they’ll fuck it again. AND they’ll even be nice to it and tell it it’s beautiful and take it to dinner and listen to its dreams and fuck it exclusively and brag about how happy they are to be doing it to their other guy friends who reject the notion (as vehemently as any Women’s Studies major at Wesleyan) that women should fit into some unforgiving, unvarying Barbie mold.’” – Rob Delaney, comic

I came across the above quote by comic Rob Delaney while stalking my best friend’s Tumblr page and I just had to share it here. The quote was part of an online post Delaney wrote for VICE concerning a now-deleted tweet he received from a female follower who was ashamed by her over-sized labia and seeking his advice. His counsel is strewn with incredibly crude, not-for-everyone comedy (warning to anyone disconcerted or offended by crass analogies and curse words) but it’s refreshingly honest. The take-away: everyone is insecure about some part of themselves (for Delaney, it’s the orgasmic functions of his male anatomy) but instead of trying to hide from that part, instead of feeling abashed by that part, love it because it’s part of you.

As for the pulled excerpt, it’s especially important because it helps negate what we’ve grown to believe when it comes to body image and physical attraction. As we’ve written before at the Daily Femme, the media and diet pill hawkers – and ourselves — hold women to this terribly unrealistic standard of beauty that causes us such strife, such insecurity to the point where a majority of us would rather be blind or severely depressed than fat. This is not to say women should ever solely rely on the sex which they want to attract to boost their self-confidence and body appreciation but, knowing that people shamelessly promote preferences of physical beauty to impose their idea of a perfect body and drive a multi-million dollar weight-loss industry, it’s nice to have reassurance that it’s all a crock of bull.



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