Weekend Warrior, July 15 – 17

Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Friday, July 15, 2011

From “This Isn’t a Good Night for Walking” to “It Won’t Take Long,” Arches full-length debut concept LP, Wide Awake, is a reverb-soaked collection of soft ethereal pulses, wispy come-hither melodies, and abstract vocal echoes that swell into a swaying dream-like atmosphere. (You can check out our review of the album HERE.) And on Saturday, the local four-piece–founded by former college mates Tom Herman Jr. and Julien Rossow Greenberg (whose solo EP, You’re With Me, is out now and available HERE)–will compact that intrinsic sound on Johnny Brenda’s stage in honor of Wide Awake’s vinyl release. Also on the YVYNYL-presented bill is fellow hometowner Andrew Balasia, a.k.a Gracie, who’ll debut his eccentric electro-lounge pop for the first time on stage, as well as handpicked out-of-towners Brooklyn-based Holy Spirits and Richmond, VA’s Whit Laces. So, when you make your way to the show this Saturday night (and you will), you’re in for quite a treat. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., 8pm, $8, 21+
[not credited on site per ww policy]

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