Hanging w/Dante Bucci at Tin Angel Sept. 9

Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Friday, September 9, 2011

What Dante Bucci is able to achieve with the Hang is dazzling. Using the spherical lap instrument (which, by the way, totally looks like a UFO out of a ’50s cult sci-fi flick), the Holland-born Philly musician can interweave the delicate, layered tresses of classical composition with the smooth breathes of experimental dynamics and the bashful, yet complex diapasons of folk. It’s ambient world music that can expand the atmosphere of small spaces beyond the walls they’re confined to and transport you to a higher state of being. And that’s something Bucci will no doubt achieve when he plays Tin Angel tonight. He’ll be sharing the bill with singer/songwriters Andrea Nardello and Victoria Spaeth. With all the drab weather we’ve experienced as of late, isn’t it time you experience something beautiful? Tin Angel, 20 S. 2nd St., 10pm, $10, 21+ – Annamarya Scaccia


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