Travel Along the Minimalist Spectrum w/On the Water and Auctioneer at KFN Dec. 4

Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011

If there is one word to describe On the Water’s Anchor EP (which is our December Album of the Month HERE), it would be disquieting. As On the Water,Da Comrade!‘s guitarist/vocalist Fletcher VanVilet creates soundscapes that are sparse and vast, consuming and tumultuous, making the moniker all the more appropriate. It’s acoustic folk that’s entirely beautiful in its shaky simplicity. He’ll fit in well with fellow hometown outfit Auctioneer tonight at Kung Fu Necktie, where they’ll be performing in support of New York’s Pearl & the Beard. For both Philly acts, the gig will be a demonstration of two sides of the minimalist spectrum: where On the Water songs are gritty and brutal; Auctioneer is a bit more polished and reserved in their haunting scarcity. You’ll be entranced watching that pendulum swing. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 8pm, $8, 21+ – Annamarya Scaccia


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