Published on the Deli Philadelphia – Friday, December 16, 2011

It’s the weekend before the holidays officially begin, which means it’s the last weekend of sanity before the family feuds start up–in other words, you need to pack this weekend with as much stress-relieving debauchery as you can. Start it off at Little Bar tonight with the blues-drenched, cigarette-in-my-whiskey sermons of Birds of Maya, who will sweep you away with their crassly complex and naughtily deliberate rifftastic rhythms, and the tortured, layered beauty of Tin Horses‘ Americana-meets-noise-meets-anti-hero calls, much of which drives their buzz-worthy debut, American Radiance, which dropped in March. Also on the bill is South Philly’s True Gold. Think of this as the musical equivalent of a booze float. Little Bar, 738 S. 8th St, 9pm, $, 21+ (Birds of Maya Video by Tiffany Yoon; Tin Horses Video by Joe Burns) – Annamarya Scaccia

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