Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Sunday, January 8, 2012

So I should confess: I have a thing for dudes with synthesizers. But not fashion-obsessed hipster dudes in sub-par electro-clash bands. No, I’m talking about dudes who use synthesizers to craft zany, compulsive geeked-out tunes that can double as the soundtrack for pixelated time travel (just imagine Scott Bakula traveling through 8-bit video games instead of life). And that’s where Jamey Robinson, a.k.a Buffalo Stance, fits. As Buffalo Stance, Robinson and his band, who are currently working on a new album, create choppy tech-pop that’s wildly experimental, weirdly mischievous, and insanely fun. It’s an all-out dance circuit blast, and you can join the party tonight at PhilaMOCA, where they’ll play alongside locals Weyes Blood and Chicago’s Herculaneum. Let your inner geek shine, my brothers and sisters. Let it shine. PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St., 9pm, $7-$10 Donations, All Ages -Annamarya Scaccia


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