Published on The Deli Philadelphia – Thursday, February 9, 2012

For a band that’s only a little over a year old, Psychic Teens is making a lot of headway in the local music scene. When we first discovered their debut tracks “YUNG” and “CbbK,” it was no-brainer to feature them in our “What’s This?” column. They then went on to win our Featured Artist(s) Poll in August (you can read our interview HERE). The power trio (made up of guitarist/vocalist Larry Ragone, bassist Joe Decarolis, and drummer Dave Cherasaro) eventually released their 7-track debut LP, Teens, in October via Golden Voyage Records to positive blogosphere buzz, put out the rad 3-song video collection “Tapes” on VHS for Video/Horror/Show (also available through Aquarius Records), and revealed the drug-induced, retro-fitted video for “Dose” from Teens. But it’s hard not to take notice of a band whose sonic personality involves aphotic renderings of post-punk noise slinking through no-wave sludge set beneath goth-wave monotone chants. In other words: TOO BADASS TO IGNORE. (Photo by John Berry) – Annamarya Scaccia


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