Victim’s lawyer hopeful that federal investigations will force UNC to stop persecuting sexual assault victims

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill faces yet another U.S. Department of Education investigation — this time over allegations that the university retaliated against sophomore Landen Gambill for filing a federal complaint against UNC-Chapel Hill over its handling of sexual assault cases, reports the News & Observer.

The new federal inquiry is in response to a March 25, 2013 complaint lodged by Gambill with the department’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR), which alleged that the UNC Honor Code case filed against the sophomore in February was retaliation for her participation in an OCR grievance filed in January — and was additionally retaliation for her talking at all about her reported rape and publicly criticizing UNC’s “treatment of sexual violence survivors.” The allegations against the university were additionally contained in a letter sent to former Chancellor Holden Thorp by Gambill’s attorney, Henry Clay Turner.

The OCR’s latest investigation will determine whether the since-suspended charges against Gambill (which were formally dropped in June) were retaliation against her, and will additionally look into the university’s decision to house her alleged abuser in a dormitory across from where she resided on campus, Turner says…

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