“Annamarya is very detail-oriented and encouraging as a manager. Yet she offers real feedback and helps you become a writer. She has perhaps the best eye of any editor I have written for. She always knows what lede will work and how to phrase something. I hold her in the highest regard and recommend her fully.” –Andrew Hedlund

“Annamarya Scaccia is an excellent writer and editor as well as a hard worker. She’s a great team player, and I am very appreciative that she is part of my team. She is also a good person.” –Q.D. Tran

“We ‘hired’ Annamarya as a volunteer graphic designer at Mountain Meadow. For the past several years she has produced our newsletter. She is very talented. Our newsletter has never look better!” — C. Terrill Thompson

“Annamarya Scaccia has a true passion for writing and always delivers the highest quality music reviews for my independent news site ( with a turnaround time that is mind boggling. I truly hope that we may continue to work together for many years to come as we are being flooded by request from artists to have Ms. Scaccia review their CD submissions. James Lane” — James Lane, Editor-in-Chief, | Founder/President,

“Annamarya is a leader. She has what it takes to succeed in Journalism. She was an effective and understanding leader who knew how to motivate her team to get the best results. I had a pleasure working with her at the Brooklyn College Kingsman and learned so much while under her supervision. I highly recommend Annamarya, because she has the talent, skills, and motivation needed to go far.” — Kristia M. Beaubrun

“Annamarya did a terrific job as editor-in-chief of The Kingsman, the student newspaper at Brooklyn College. She was an excellent manager of the staff, worked very long hours to maintain the paper’s quality, had a good eye for layout and even found time to write stories that won the college’s top journalism award.” — Paul Moses, Professor, Brooklyn College/CUNY

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Annamarya for three years. During that time, I was a staff writer at the Brooklyn College Kingsman and I reported directly to Annamarya, who was the Editor-in-Chief. As a staff writer, I researched, reported and edited the stories that were assigned to me. Annamarya provided me with some tips on how to improve my writing. With these techniques, I noticed how my writing skills improved gradually and how I was able to write clear, concise and accurate articles. I was eventually promoted as Managing Editor of the Kingsman in my senior year and during this time, I passed along those tips that I learned from Annamarya to my writers. Not only is Annamarya a good friend, but she is also an intelligent, dedicated and a hard-working young lady. Therefore, Annamarya would be a valuable asset to any corporation she chooses to work for.” — Katherine Romero

“Annamarya is one of the hardest working, most dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her will to succeed in the field of journalism is nothing short of awe-inspiring. As a friend, I can honestly say that Anna is one of those people you never forget when you come across them. As a co-worker I can say you will get a hard shift when it comes to work and any employer would be foolish to refuse her services.” — Lucky Ngamwajasat

“Annamarya is a fantastic asset to any publication. She was highly motivated, with innovative ideas and a clear and potent writing style. She remains one of the most impressive reporters I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and, as an editor, demonstrated herself to be capable, intelligent and, above all, dedicated.” — Laura Albanese